Honors Awards

Awards are bestowed upon Honors students throughout the year in recognition of their academic excellence.

Every semester, the Office of Undergraduate Research offers grants to help support student research projects.

In April, Honors students compete in the Three-minute Thesis competition, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

At the Honors Convocation dinner, students who completed the Honors curriculum are recognized for having earned the right to graduation as Commonwealth Scholars.

Undergraduate Research Grants

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers awards for the fall and spring semester to help support student research projects. Undergraduate students in any department at UMassD who are engaged in original research under the guidance of a faculty member are encouraged to apply‌. 

Congratulations to the Honors students who received an OUR grant!

2018 Undergraduate Research 3-Minute Thesis Competition

2018 Undergraduate Research 3MT® Competition

Compete to win $1,000 in just three minutes talking about your intellectual passion.

2018 Honors Convocation

Every year, the UMass Dartmouth Honors program recognizes honors students who completed their honors ciriculum and earned the right to call themselves Commonwealth Scholars. The Honors Convocation is a celebration of the accomplishments of all graduating honors students who will move on to their next chapter in their career, becoming a life-long representative of the UMass Dartmouth Honors program.

Some of the highlights of the evening included the winner of the Margaret Mullaney Panos essay award and other prizes awarded to deserving honor graduates.

Margaret Mullaney Panos Award 

Each year, the Honors Program Committee sets a theme and invites entries for a university-wide essay contest. This prize was established by a beloved member of the English Department who directed the Freshman composition program for many years, “Peg” Panos.

This year’s theme asked students to reflect on the theme of “What does it mean to you to “Dare to Dream”? Was there ever a time your dream was against the odds, but you persevered? Explain.”  Three judges evaluated the entries on the basis of content, grammar, organization, and style.

1st Place: Grant Mooney
2nd Place: Morgan Banville
3rd Place: Taylor Woehl

Louise A. Habicht Award

The Louise A. Habicht Scholarship is awarded on the basis of an essay contest. This year, the graduating Commonwealth Scholars were asked to write on the question, “How will your experiences in the Honors Program help you to achieve your dreams? In what way was the Honors Program both a dream you worked to achieve as well as a tool for your future goals?

Winner: Julianna Bardon

Service Awards

Each year, the University Honors Program gives service awards to recognize individuals who have provided outstanding service to the Honors Program during the academic year.  The Robert G. Darst University Honors Program Service Award is presented to a faculty member and the Jennifer W. Mulnix University Honors Program Service Award is presented to a student.

Jennifer W. Mulnix University Honors Program Service Award

Awarded To: Julianna Bardon

Robert G. Darst University Honors Program Service Award

Awarded To: Alexis Teagarden