Program requirements

Designed to challenge students to a diverse educational experience, the Honors Program offers courses taken from the across the different colleges. The Honors curriculum allows students to become exposed to a wide-range of classes distinct from any other program offered, going beyond typical classroom learning.

Learning Outcomes

Honors graduates will:

  • Build the capacity to communicate orally and in writing
  • Learn to work and problem solve in teams
  • Prize intellectual curiosity
  • Develop research skills, both general and relevant for their specific disciplines
  • Engage with real-world challenges
  • Work independently and apply their knowledge to new areas of inquiry
  • Respect openness and appreciate diversity of opinion

Honors Tracks for Different Colleges

Students in the College of Engineering should consult with their academic advisor for required and recommended courses. (Students majoring in Physics should follow the Honors curriculum listed at Honors Physics Curriculum.) Students in the College of Nursing should consult with Professor Kristen Sethares ( for required and recommended courses.

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Charlton College of Business, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts should follow the appropriate tracking sheet listed below:

Students who transferred (students who were at another institution or who were already attending UMass Dartmouth) in May 2017 or after should use the following tracking sheet.

Honors Program Tracking Sheet Post May 2017

Students entering before Fall 2015 should use the Honors Program Tracking Sheet Pre-Fall 2015.

Honors Program Tracking Sheet Pre-Fall 2015

Students entering after Fall 2015 as an incoming freshman should use the following tracking sheet.

Honors Program Tracking Sheet Post Fall 2015

Maintaining academic excellence requires a commitment to upholding the standards of the UMass Dartmouth Commonwealth Honors Program:

  • Maintain an overall university GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  • Complete at least 18 Honors credits with a grade of B or higher in each course. This includes the following:
    • 15 credits of Honors coursework
      • Includes the 3 credit Honors 301 thesis preparation seminar in the junior year
      • Honors contracts can be used for a maximum of 6 credits
    • At least 3 credits of thesis work (some students will take 6 credits if the thesis takes more than one semester)
  • Complete an original thesis or artistic composition under faculty supervision, for which the student typically earns at least three credits.
  • Make a public presentation of his or her Honors project in an appropriate venue, such as a thesis defense, artistic performance, or conference poster presentation.

Please note that UMassD also offers a merit scholarship called the "Commonwealth Scholarship." The two are not connected.

No more than six credits of "Honors contract" coursework may be applied to the minimum requirements listed below.