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Chancellor’s Annual Service Awards Celebration

The Chancellor’s Annual Service Awards Celebration enables us to demonstrate our appreciation to faculty and staff who have served our students over the years and with particular distinction.  Employees reaching milestone anniversaries (10 years, 15 years, 20 years, etc…) are honored at an annual ceremony and presented with gifts as a token of the university’s gratitude for their dedicated years of service. 

Following are the 2020 award recipients:

Brian Ayotte Associate Professor Psychology Department
Lisa Ayotte Administrative Assistant I Counseling Services
Ben Baumann Associate Registrar University Records
Steven Cadrin Professor Fisheries Oceanography
Annette Cain Administrative Assistant I Faculty Law School
Yanlai Chen Associate Professor Mathematics Department
Philip Cleary Professor & Dean Emeritus Faculty Law School
Ralph Clifford Professor Faculty Law School
Spencer Clough Associate Dean Law Library Library Law School
Cynthia Costa Administrative Assistant II SMAST
Dwight Duncan Professor Faculty Law School
Justine Dunlap Professor Faculty Law School
David Fatula Maintenance Working Foreman Property Law School
Debra Fatula Library Assistant II Library Law School
Patricia Freitas Senior Administrative Assistant Library
Monica Godinho STAR Center Coordinator Arts & Sciences
Joseph Gray Coord. IT Oper Law IT Service Center
Beste Gucler Associate Professor STEM Educ & Teacher Development
Daniel Guertin Athletic Trainer Athletics - Trainer's Room
Pingguo He Professor Fisheries Oceanography
Cynthia Hilliard Johnson Academic Affairs Assistant Academic Affairs
William Kennedy Technical Associate SMAST
Sandra Leger Silva Assoc. Dir. Fin.Aid Grad Law Financial Aid Law School
Pia Moisander Associate Professor Biology Dept
Jose Mora Associate Professor Management & Marketing
Selyna Murray Medical Assistant II Health Services
Chandra Orrill Professor STEM Educ & Teacher Development
Stacy Ploskonka Assistant Director Student Act SAIL Department
Mazdak Pour A Tootkaboni Associate Professor Civil/Enviro Eng Department
Mehdi Raessi Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Dept
Christopher Rillahan Research Associate SMAST Fisheries Oceanography
Frances Rudko Professor Faculty Law School
Elton Santos Maintainer I Property Law School
Irene Scharf Professor Faculty Law School
Brenda Shepherd Administrative Assistant I Registrar Law School
Mark Silby Associate Professor Biology Dept
Thomas Stubblefield Interim Associate Dean Visual & Performing Arts
Marianne Sullivan Director Student Health Svc Health Services
Yibin Wei Full Time Lecturer Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept
Leslie Wilson Dir. of Legal Career Serv.: Alumni Career Services Law
Megan Wood Administrative Assistant I Health Services
Tryon Woods Associate Professor Crime and Justice Studies Dept
Tecia Xifaras Administrative Assistant I Registrar Law School
Zhaojin Xu Associate Professor Accounting/Finance Department



Ana Abreu Maintainer I Housing & Residential Educ
Linda Aguiar Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Alexander Austerman Senior Res. Engineer Civil/Enviro Eng Department
Mary Beckwith Title IX Invest/Coord Compliance Human Resources
Diego Bernal Professor Biology Dept
Richard Boone Professor Psychology Department
Shuowei Cai Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept
Vijaya Chalivendra Professor Mechanical Engineering Dept
Dorothy Cochrane Administrative Assistant II Arts & Sciences
David Cromwell Maintainer I Facilities - Janitorial
Shari Evans Associate Professor Depart English & Communication
Tracie Ferreira Associate Professor BioEngineering
Jillian George Assistant Controller Accounting
Wenzhen Huang Professor Mechanical Engineering Dept
Maria Lourenco Clerk IV Health Services
Michael Marino Assistant Dean of SMAST SMAST
Louisa Medeiros Administrative Assistant II Arts & Sciences
Deborah Monteiro Maintainer I Housing & Residential Educ
Stephen Nadeau Carpenter I Housing Maintenance
Jessica Oliveira Undergraduate Academic Advisor Arts & Sciences
Lucia Oliveira Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Gregory Paciulan Event & Technical Services Mgr IT Service Center
Jianhua Qi Research Assoc. Professor Fisheries Oceanography
Kenneth Quicho Maintainer III Housing Custodial
Barbara Renoir Receiving Teller I Bursar
Maria Revoredo Maintainer I Facilities - Janitorial
Tracey Russo Director of Instructional Tech Instructional Development CITS
Jean Salgado Clerk IV Sociology & Anthro Department
Zhengzhong Shi Associate Professor Decision & Information Science
Glaucia Silva Professor Portuguese Department
Roy Silva Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Steven Splinter Sr Systems Developer/Project Ldr IT Development
Edward Spring Professional Technician II Ctr Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Michael Sullivan Storekeeper III Receiving and Stores
Matthew Sylvain Librarian Library Systems
Bridget Teboh Professor History Department
Renee Trial Asst. Dir. Inst. Res & Assmnt Institutional Research
Linda Vandal Administrative Assistant II Facilities Operations
Alan Ventetuolo Full Time Lecturer Biology Dept
Jia Wu Professor Accounting/Finance Department
Soheil Yousefsibdari Associate Professor Decision & Information Science



Christopher Aguiar Librarian I Library Access Services
Susan Alves Tech Coord ABE Instructor Labor Education Center
Ramprasad Balasubramanian Vice Provost Academic Affairs
Dario Borim Professor Portuguese Department
Wendell Brown Professor Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
Elizabeth Cordeiro Accountant III Housing Office
Victoria Crayhon Professor Art and Design
Holger Dippel Assoc VC for Computer Info Tech Associate VC of IT
Janet Fairbairn Full Time Lecturer Art and Design
John Fobanjong Professor Political Science Department
Kristin Hagopian Director Upward Bound Upward Bound
Mahzad Hojjat Professor Psychology Department
Gregory Homol Fitness Center Director Athletic Department
James Jacquart Asst.. Dir Camp Sust & Res Init Housing Office
Robert Jones Associate Provost Academic Affairs
Wendy Kirby Head Athletic Trainer Athletic Department
Sokratis Koumas Director Academic Resource Ctr Academic Resources Center
Bruce Maddocks Full Time Lecturer Art and Design
Mary McCurry Professor Adult Nursing
Carla Melo ABE Instructor/Integ Educ Coordinator Labor Education Center
Vivian Miller Professional Technician I Art and Design
Kimberly Nunes EDP Entry Operator IV Admissions Office
Kenneth Oliveira Professor Biology Dept
Richard Pacheco Associate Dir. Network Service IT Infrastructure
Joanne Pinsonneault ABE Instructor/ADA Coordinator Labor Education Center
Timothy Shea Associate Professor Decision & Information Science
Iren Valova Professor Computer & Info Science Dept



Mark Altabet Professor Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
Ernest Belliveau University Police Officer UMass Dartmouth Police Dept.
David Brown Professor Electrical/Computer Eng Dept
Antoinette Cabral Graca Maintainer III Housing Custodial
Leonard Costa Jr University Police Officer UMass Dartmouth Police Dept.
Keith Depaco University Police Officer UMass Dartmouth Police Dept.
Margaret Emanuello Administrative Assistant I Civil/Enviro Eng Department
Wayne Finney Third Class Power Plant Engineer Power Plant
Suzanne Melloni Director Student Support Honors College
Catherine Neto Professor Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept
Michelle Plaud Manager Pre-Award Admin Office of Research Admin
Lisa Porto Administrative Assistant I Political Science Department
Glenn Volkema Professional Technician I Physics Department
Arlene Wilkinson Administrative Assistant II SMAST
Wayne Williams Asst Dir Student Activities SAIL Department
David Witkowicz Carpenter II Carpentry Shop



Saeja Kim Professor Mathematics Department
Hong Liu Professor Electrical/Computer Eng Dept
Janine Wong Professor Art and Design



Antonio Costa Professor Electrical/Computer Eng Dept
Robin Couto Senior Administrative Assistant Nursing & Health Science
Karen Monahan Clerk IV Economics Department

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