Employee milestones

The following faculty and staff celebrated milestone anniversaries in 2015:


Celebrating 40 Years

Anthony Miraglia Fine Arts Department
Robert Waxler English Department
Ann Welch University Records


Celebrating 35 Years

Kathleen Eubanks Bursar Office
Kenneth Johnson Facilities
Charles McNeil Library Systems


Celebrating 30 Years

Nora Barnes Management & Marketing
Antonio Costa Electrical/Computer Engineering
Robin Couto College of Nursing
Brenda Ferreira Athletics
Karen Monahan Economics Department
Sandra O'Donnell IT Service Center
Elvira Smith College of Nursing


Celebrating 25 Years

Barbara Costa SAIL Department
Robert Jones Economics Department
Saeja Kim Mathematics Department
Jay Klimchuck Facilities
Susan Krumholz Crime & Justice Studies
Hong Liu Electrical/Computer Engineering


Celebrating 20 Years 

Mark Altabet Estuarine & Ocean Science
Ernest Belliveau Public Safety
David Brown Electrical/Computer Engineering
Antoinette Cabral Graca Facilities
Leonard Costa Jr. Public Safety
Keith Depaco Public Safety
Jane DePina Housing & Residential Education
Margaret Emanuello Civil/Environmental Enginnering
Wayne Finney Facilities
Maryjane McManus Financial Aid Office
Suzanne Melloni Academic Advising
William Nelles English Department
Catherine Neto Chemisty/Biochemistry Department
Nancy Perkins Medical Laboratory Science
Michelle Plaud Sponsored Projects Administration
Lisa Porto Political Science Department
Lester Reynolds Facilities
Glenn Volkema Physics Department
Arlene Wilkinson Fisheries Oceanography
Wayne Williams SAIL Department
Elizabeth Winiarz Library Information Services
David Witkowicz Facilities


Celebrating 15 Years

Christopher Aguiar Library Technical Services
Christine Allen University Marketing
Susan Alves Labor Education Center
Farhad Azadivar Mechanical Engineering
Sharon Azadivar Decision & Information Science
Ramprasad Balasubramanian College of Engineering
Jerrold Blitefield English Department
Dario Borim Jr. Portuguese Department
Patricia Bouchard Facilities
Wendell Brown Estuarine & Ocean Science
Mark Carney Admin. & Fiscal Services
Natalie Cocroft University Marketing
Elizabeth Cordeiro Housing & Residential Education
Joanne Costa Advanced Tech. & Manuf. Center
Victoria Crayhon Design Department
Holger Dippel CITS
Janet Fairbairn Design Department
Lynn Flynn Public Safety
John Fobanjong Political Science Department
Kristin Hagopian Upward Bound
Mahzad Hojjat Psychology Department
Gregory Homol Athletics
James Jacquart Housing & Residential Education
Maureen Jennings Associate Provost of Grad. Studies
Aline Jeronimo College of Nursing
Wendy Kirby Athletics
Sokratis Koumas Academic Resources Center
Bruce Maddocks Design Department
Mary McCurry College of Nursing
Carla Melo Labor Education Center
Vivian Joy Miller Design Department
Kimberly Nunes Health Services
Kenneth Oliveira Biology Department
Richard Pacheco IT Infrastructure
Joanne Pinsonneault Labor Education Center
Diane Ribeiro Facilities
Timothy Shea Decision & Information Science
Iren Todorova Valova Computer & Info. Science Department
Woodrow Wilson Admissions Office
Janine Wong Design Department


Celebrating 10 Years 

Ana Abreu Facilities
Linda Aguiar Facilities
Elaine Andrade Student Enrollment Center
Alexander Austerman Civil/Environmental Enginnering
Mary Beckwith Student Affairs
Diego Bernal Biology Department
Richard Boone Psychology Department
Troy Bortmess Facilities
Cheryl Cabral College of Nursing
David Cabral Facilities
Shuowei Cai Chemisty/Biochemistry Department
Vijaya Chalivendra Mechanical Engineering
Dorothy Cochrane Center School & Univ. Partnerships
John Costa Jr. Facilities
David Cromwell Facilities
Christopher Duarte Facilities
Shari Evans College of Arts and Sciences
Tracie Ferreira Bioengineering
Robert Furtado Facilities
Jillian George Accounting
Dionne Gomes Admin. & Fiscal Services
Kirk Hellmuth Admin. & Fiscal Services
John Hoey Strategic Management
Wenzhen Huang Mechanical Engineering
Marc Laxer Biology Department
Maria Lourenco Health Services
Keith Mackenzie Advanced Tech. & Manuf. Center
Michael Marino School of Marine and Science Techology
Louisa Medeiros College of Arts and Sciences
Deborah Monteiro Facilities
Stephen Nadeau Facilities
Jessica Oliveira Academic Advising
Lucia Oliveira Facilities
Gregory Paciulan Campus Services
Christian Petitpas Fisheries Oceanography
Jianhua Qi Fisheries Oceanography
Kenneth Quicho Facilities
Barbara Renoir Bursar Office
Maria Revoredo Facilities
Tracey Russo Instructional Development CITS
Jean Salgado Sociology & Anthropology Department
Donna Santos Admissions Office
Rory Santos Facilities
Zhengzhong Shi Decision & Information Science
Glaucia Silva Portuguese Department
Maria Silva Facilities
Roy Silva Facilities
Steven Splinter IT Development
Edward Spring Advanced Tech. & Manuf. Center
Michael Sullivan Admin. & Fiscal Services
Matthew Sylvain Associate Librarian
Bridget Teboh History Department
Renee Trial Institutional Research
Linda Vandal SHARE
Alan Ventetuolo Biology Department
Shaohua Viveiros Office of Faculty Development
Angela Watson Housing & Residential Education
Jia Wu Accounting/Finance
Soheil Yousefsibdari Decision & Information Science