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The following people will be celebrating milestone anniversaries at UMass Dartmouth in 2019:


Athletic Department Kevin Pickering 15 years
Athletic Department James Mullins 25 years
Grounds Brian Greenfield 35 years
Grounds Brian Heap 35 years
Housing Custodial Manuela Amado 15 years
Housing Custodial Jackie Ribeiro 15 years
Housing Custodial Maria Rodrigues 15 years
Housing Custodial Eli Smith 15 years
Housing Maintenance Louis Ganczarski 15 years
Housing Maintenance Nicholas Gula 15 years
Housing Maintenance Steven Silva 25 years
IT Development Sarah Towers 15 years
IT Infrastructure Sean Adams 10 years
IT Infrastructure Jocelyn Perry 10 years
IT Infrastructure David Gomes 20 years
IT Service Center Dinh Le 15 years
IT Service Center Robert Morotti 30 years
IT Service Center - Law School Brian Miranda 25 years
Janitorial Steven Hashim 15 years
Janitorial Mary Silva 20 years
Plumbing Shop Michael Arguin 10 years
Power Plant John Harris Jr 15 years
Power Plant Jay Golsby 25 years

Academic Affairs

Academic Resources Center John Fernandes 40 years
Accounting/Finance Department Ling Lin 10 years
Accounting/Finance Department Gopala Vasudevan 15 years
Admissions Office Darcy Stevens 20 years
Admissions Office Verna Drayton 25 years
Admissions Office Katherine Norcross 30 years
Admissions Office Laura Perry 35 years
Adult Nursing Elizabeth Chin 15 years
Art and Design Paula Medeiros 25 years
Art and Design Mark Millstein 25 years
Art and Design Charlene Ryder 25 years
Art and Design Charlotte Hamlin 15 years
Art Ed, Art Hist & Media Stud Zahra Karimi 10 years
Art Ed, Art Hist & Media Stud Allison Cywin 15 years
Art Ed, Art Hist & Media Stud Anna Dempsey 15 years
BioEngineering Michelle Rocha 25 years
Biology Dept Robert Drew 10 years
Biology Dept Kathryn Kavanagh 10 years
Biology Dept Whitney Hable 15 years
Biology Dept Tara Rajaniemi 15 years
Biology Dept Jefferson Turner 40 years
Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept Anne Liberty 10 years
Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept David Manke 10 years
Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept Brian Blanchette 15 years
Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept Maolin Guo 15 years
Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept Yuegang Zuo 20 years
Civil/Enviro Eng Department Sukalyan Sengupta 25 years
Civil/Enviro Eng Department Walaa Mogawer 30 years
Community Nursing Dept Margaret Rudd-Arieta 20 years
Compliance Office Andrew Karberg 10 years
Computer & Info Science Dept Paul Naylor 15 years
Co-Op Engineering Debra Raposa 40 years
Dean, Arts & Sciences Kevin Curow 15 years
Dean, Arts & Sciences Romayne Grace 15 years
Dean, Arts & Sciences Cheryl Bednarik 25 years
Dean, Arts & Sciences Amy Shapiro 25 years
Dean, Charlton College of Bus Chan Du 10 years
Dean, Visual & Performing Arts Shingo Furukawa 10 years
Decision & Information Science Dan Brakha 15 years
Depart English & Communication Caitlin Amaral 10 years
Depart English & Communication Anthony Arrigo 10 years
Depart English & Communication Karen Gulbrandsen 10 years
Depart English & Communication Christopher Eisenhart 15 years
Economics Department Sarah Cosgrove 15 years
Economics Department Randall Hall 15 years
Education Leadership Dept Joao Paraskeva 10 years
Electrical/Computer Eng Dept Honggang Wang 10 years
Electrical/Computer Eng Dept Andrew Smart 20 years
Electrical/Computer Eng Dept Paul Fortier 25 years
Electrical/Computer Eng Dept Karen Payton 30 years
Faculty Law School Emma Wood 10 years
Financial Aid Office Veronica Cusson 15 years
Financial Aid Office Kristin Soares 20 years
Foreign Language Department Carlos Benavides 20 years
History Department Cristina Mehrtens 15 years
History Department Mark Santow 15 years
History Department Matthew Sneider 15 years
History Department Timothy Walker 15 years
International Programs Judite Fernandes 20 years
Intl Student & Scholar Center Patricia Mooney 25 years
Labor Education Center Lisa Jochim 20 years
Library Access Services Natalie Ferreira 10 years
Library Archives Sonia Pacheco 10 years
Library Systems Christopher Garron 25 years
Management & Marketing Catharine Curran-Kelly 15 years
Mathematics Department Gary Davis 15 years
Mathematics Department Sigal Gottlieb 20 years
Mathematics Department Dana Fine 30 years
Mechanical Engineering Dept Donald Foster 10 years
Mechanical Engineering Dept Amit Tandon 20 years
Med Laboratory Science Dept Wayne Leblanc 35 years
Music Department Michelle DupreCieto 35 years
Office of Research Admin Paulette Deakin 15 years
Philosophy Department Maureen Eckert 15 years
Philosophy Department Timothy Nulty 15 years
Political Science Department Heidi Berggren 15 years
Political Science Department Shannon Jenkins 15 years
Political Science Department Douglas Roscoe 15 years
Political Science Department Kenneth Manning 20 years
Psychology Department Sarah Frazer 10 years
Psychology Department Theodore Powers 20 years
Public Policy Department Michael Goodman 10 years
Research & Econ Development Alex Fowler 25 years
SMAST Gail Lyonnais 30 years
Sociology & Anthro Department Isabel Rodrigues 15 years


Alumni and Donor Engagement David Carlson 35 years
University Marketing Justin Maucione 15 years
University Marketing Heather Tripp 20 years


Chancellor's Office Lori Nickerson 15 years

Human Resources

Human Resources Leslie Mercure 15 years

Student Affairs

Counseling Services Catherine Perry 10 years
Health Services Anne Duggan 10 years
Health Services Beth-Anne Vieira 15 years
Housing Office Emily Alves 25 years
Leduc Ctr for Civic Engagement Gary Marden 10 years
UMass Dartmouth Police Dept. Chakira Gonsalves-El Khoury 10 years
UMass Dartmouth Police Dept. Shakira McCoy 10 years
UMass Dartmouth Police Dept. Lisa Thatcher 15 years
UMass Dartmouth Police Dept. Michelle Nataly 20 years
UMass Dartmouth Police Dept. Mark Andrade 25 years
UMass Dartmouth Police Dept. Henry Lima 25 years

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