Chancellor’s Award Recognizing Excellence in Service (CARES)

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‌WENDY HOLMES, Clerk IV for the Foreign Literature & Languages (FLL) Department in the College of Arts & Sciences, is the SEPTEMBER 2017 monthly CARES nomination winner. Wendy was nominated by several faculty members and many others outside of the FLL department as well.  

Wendy's colleagues describe her as a team member who offers boundless support. According to the nomination, Wendy is fully engaged and present with every student or faculty member who walks through her door. Wendy regularly goes above and beyond to notify senior French and Spanish majors and alums about employment opportunities. When job opportunities come to her attention, Wendy confers with faculty members and then reaches out to students.

A faculty member from another department stated that Wendy has always provided her support. Wendy doesn't just point people in the right direction, she willingly helps with many tasks. She is also a reliable source of information. For instance, if she doesn't have the immediate answer to a question, Wendy takes the initiative to find the answer and follows up promptly. 

One FLL faculty also mentioned an occasion in which a student became emotional during class time. The faculty member asked Wendy to assist, knowing she would be kind and empathetic. Wendy immediately assisted the student with finding the support needed from Student Affairs.

Nomination Process

Nominations are accepted on a monthly basis and we strongly encourage you to recognize your colleagues who provide excellent customer service. The act of nominating someone is a great example of teamwork and collegiality. We encourage everyone to take part in this important program that is open to all employees regardless of part-time/full-time status, union affiliation, shift or work location.

To reach as many people as possible and facilitate the nomination process for employees who may not have convenient access to a computer, we are offering an alternative way to submit a nomination.  We have established a call-in number where employees without access to computers can leave a message with the details of the nomination.  If additional information is needed, a member of Human Resources will reach out to the nominator.  The call-in number can be accessed from a university phone by pressing x2000.

Know of someone who deserves a nomination?  Check out these helpful tips for writing a CARES nomination then complete the CARES Nomination Form to recognize the excellent service of a colleague!


Previous Winners include:


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Donna Costa-Pryor, Administrative Assistant for CVPA - Star Store Campus

Steven Mello, Police Officer for the Department of Public Safety

Dr. Chen-Lu Yang, Research Engineer from the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Catherine Neto, Chairperson for the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department in the College of Arts & Sciences

Monica Faria, Undergraduate Academic Advisor CAS STAR Center


Sandra O'DonnellEDP Systems Analyst in CITS

Dr. Ricardo Rosa, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Annette Conrad, Clerk IV, Charlton College of Business

Andrew Karberg, Director of Institutional Ethics & Compliance

Marjorie Fernandes, Administrative Assistant, Office of Student Affairs

Sherri Nickel-Milstone, Coordinator for Student Support Services, University Extension

Matthew Sylvain, Associate Librarian in Library Services

Dr. Glaucia Silva, Associate Professor in the College of Arts & Sciences Department of Portuguese

Dr. Kevin Curow, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

Kathryn Doan, Administrative Assistant in the Leduc Center for Civic Engagement

Mike Marino, Assistant Dean for Operations at the School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST)

Henry Ducharme, Building Maintenance Supervisor


Adam Hausknecht, Professor of Mathematics Department

Antoinette Cabral-Graca, Maintainer III of the Facilities organization

Satyanarayana Parayitam, Associate Professor of Marketing and Management

Susan Blom, Administrative Assistant at Biology Department in college of Arts and Sciences

Linda Keith, Assistant Director of Housing & Residential Education

Lisa Porto , Administrative Assistant Political Science Department

Mark Santow, Associate Professor in History Department

Bruce Tench, Clerk in the Mail Room 

Jeffrey Augustine, Director of Campus Services

Maureen Eckert, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Mary Hensel, Grant & Contract Coordinator, Office of Research Administration


Greg Homol, Fitness Center Director, Athletics

Maria Cordeiro, Director of the University Enrollment Center

Kathy Bancroft, Assistant Manager of Computer Operations, Library

Tracie Ferreira, Associate Professor, BioEngineering

Suzanne Audet, Assistant Controller, Fiscal Services

Charles Donahue, Benefited Part-time Lecturer, Philosophy

Connie Goncalves, Skilled Laborer, Facilities

Chris Frias, IT Infrastructure Project Manager

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