Fall 2009 Course Offerings

Introduction to Indian Civilization (The oldest living civilization in the world)(IST 151; 3 Cr)

 Time:  9:30 – 10:45AM     Days: Tuesday & Thursday     Instructor:  Staff

Introductory historical survey of the Indian subcontinent. The course deals with broad themes that relate to the history of India rather than taking a chronological approach.

  • The concept of state in India at different periods
  • Religious, cultural, and racial diversity in India through the past four millennia
  • The development and spread of religions in/from India
  • The study and development of sciences, mathematics, and other knowledge streams in India over  different  time periods
  • The arts and literature of India
  Elementary Hindi I  (IST 101; 3 Cr) GenEd “C”

 Time: 2:00 – 3:15 PM     Days: Tuesday & Thursday     Instructor:  Staff

For beginning students, this course is an introduction to understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Hindi.  Students acquire language functions, vocabulary, structures, and culture through contextualized presentation, interactive activities, and extensive video and lab work.

Science of Kriyayoga  (IST 111; 3 Cr)  GenEd “S”

 Time:  11:00AM – 12:15PM     Days: Tuesday & Thursday     Instructor: Bal Ram Singh

Introduction to the scientific nature of Kriyayoga, a concept of yoga encompassing actions and increasingly used to the advantage of human health. In addition, topics of integrated modern science related to human life and action will be covered at the fundamental level. The course will introduce basic Kriyayoga techniques to be practiced at the individual or group level.

Course Material

1. Slides of Indian Culture and History of Yoga