Summer 2010 Course Offerings

Course Offering -- IST 444-8101, 3 Cr. 

Introduction: India Culture and Traditions

 Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM    Day: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday    Instructor: Dr. Girish Nath Jha       


Prerequisite(s): none

Advanced topic related to Indic philosophy, art, culture, science, religion, music, history, and/or culture and traditions. Topics that may be offered include Epics of India, Women of India, Vedic Astrology, Gita, Social Customs, religions of India, Mahatma Gandhi and nonviolence. The goal of each course will be to introduce special topics and discuss their relevance to the modern global society. May be repeated with change of content.

Section 8101: in person undergraduate lecture 
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Cost: $945.00 (not including term registration fee)
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This course is for students who have general interest in Sanskrit language, ancient Indian literature and culture. No prior knowledge of the Sanskrit language is assumed.
India has been a land of great cultures and civilizations abounding in diversity. Sanskrit has served as a common thread running through them and therefore has been truly considered a gateway to real India. Sanskrit language and its long and continuous journey from the Vedic times to the present has influenced the intellectual history of India and many other countries. The present course aims to introduce Sanskrit language and the highlights of its literary tradition, explore its connections with other major languages, cultures and religions of India.

2010 Summer - 2nd 5 Week Session
July 7, 2010 - August 10, 2010:
Mon/Tue/Wed 9:00am-12:00pm,
Dartmouth - Room LARTS 204

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