Spring 2006 Course Listings

IST 111:  Science to Kriyayoga

IST 444:  Topic in Indic Studies


IST 111 (three credits)

Science of Kriyayoga

Introduction to the scientific nature of Kriyayoga, a concept of yoga encompassing actions and increasingly used to the advantage of human health. In addition, topics of integrated modern science related to human life and action will be covered at the fundamental level. The course will introduce basic Kriyayoga techniques to be practiced at the individual or group level.

Time: 3:00 – 4:45PM
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Location: Group II, Room 108
Professor: Bal Ram Singh

IST 444 (three credits)

 Topic in Indic Studies - Gandhi

The course will elucidate the fundamental concepts of Gandhi’s political thought with a view to specify the nature, significance, and relevance of his ideas.  It assumed that an understanding of his key concepts of Truth, Non-violence, Satyagraha, Freedom and Obligation, Means and Ends Dichotomy, interaction between religion and politics can provide the basis for a stable and peaceful world order. 

Time:    2:00 – 3:15PM
Day:    Tuesday & Thursday
Location:  Group II, Rm 108
Professor:  V.T. Patil