Spring 2008 Course Listings

Indic Studies Minor

Topics in Indic Studies – IST 444, 3 Cr.

-Business & Entrepreneurship in India-

Co-Listed with Charlton College of Business

Special Topics in Management - MGT 492; 3 Cr.

-Business & Entrepreneurship in India-

Time:  2:00-4:30PM            Day: Thursday            Professor Vanita Shastri

This course will explore the economic and business climate of India and discuss how India has become the preferred destination for outsourcing and global partnerships. The course will take a historical approach to see how India got to the present state and through several cases discuss the present investment scenarios in India.  The course will exam questions such as what has fueled the growth and what are the trends?  This course will have several guest speakers from the faculty of the Charlton College of Business as well as guest lectures from the business community.