Summer 2008 Course Listings

IST 444 (three credits)

Topic in Indic Studies

Advanced topic related to Indic philosophy, art, culture, science, religion, music, history, and/or culture and traditions. Topics that may be offered include Epics of India, Women of India, Vedic Astrology, Gita, Social Customs, religions of India, Mahatma Gandhi and nonviolence. The goal of each course will be to introduce special topics and discuss their relevance to the modern global society. May be repeated with change of content.

 Section 7101 - Topic: Sustainable Living
Class #: 3109
Status: Enrolling
Tuition & fees: $ 744.00
Instructor: Gerber, John
This section is a online course.
Summer 2008 - 1st 5 Week, 05/27/2008 - 06/30/2008
Learn to live more lightly on the planet. An introduction to global challenges and practical solutions related to energy, food, land use, water and air, waste, housing, and community health. This class will help students make personal and professional decisions supporting the three interconnected objectives of sustainability; economic vitality, environmental integrity, and social equity. PLEASE NOTE: This is an online course. To view DETAILED COURSE INFORMATION and/or COURSE SYLLABUS click here (requires Adobe Reader).