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The Dissemination of Drugs and Healing Techniques from Asia throughout the Portugese Maritime Empire, 1670 - 1830 

Speaker: Dr.Timothy Walker Date: December 8,2006


Spirituality and its Relevance in Modern Day Life

Speaker: Mr.Chris Jackson Date:November 17,2006



Pursuit of Happiness

Speaker: Swami Prakashananda Date: September 22,2006



Indigenous ethos under siege in practice of Indian democracy 

Speaker: Dr.Subramanian Swamy Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2006



Cultural and Philosophical Foundations of Indian Foreign Policy 

Speaker: Dr.Nalini Kant Jha Date:April 14,2006


 India's Great Gift-Unity within Diversity  

Speaker: Swami Yogatmananda Date: March 17,200



The Elder Meditation project: Bring Meditation to those who can use it 

Speaker: Dr.Jerry Solfvin Date: Febraury 24,2006



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