Symposium on Origins of Civilization

Center for Indic Studies
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA

July 8-9, 2011

  • Abstract

As a follow-up to the Indian Civilization:Origin and Practices in 2006, the Conference is planned to discuss and formulate research issues and paradigms in the study of ancient civilizations with special emphasis on Indic civilization and its offshoots. This is dictated by new socio-political developments (like growing relationships between India and the U.S.) as well as scientific advances in natural history, genetics and the computational sciences. The goal is to identify fundamental issues for research, formulate new paradigms in the light of socio-political changes and scientific advances over the past fifty years.

For nearly three centuries, India and its neighboring civilizations including those of Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia have been studied from a European perspective. But today, following the end of European colonialism, both the perspective and the goals have changed. This is true particularly of India and her civilization, which is the parent of other civilizations of East and Southeast Asia.

A major thrust will be to explore the links between history and natural history as well as classical linguistics and computational linguistics. It will explore also the possibility of formulating a framework for computational philology.

The Symposium on the Origins of Civilization will be preceded by the two day Symposium on Vedanta and Science (July 6 and 7, 2011) also at the Center for Indic Studies.

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           Date: July8-9, 2011

           Venue: Woodland Commons

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