Incubator Space

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides the infrastructure to help early-stage companies grow and mature.  The primary objective of the Center is to provide an environment where technology companies will develop into employers located in Southeastern Massachusetts. By attracting these companies to the UMass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship we hope to facilitate the economic growth of the region.

Participating companies benefit from an environment that includes quality space, complete facilities and support services, technical and business expertise, and proximity to other companies facing similar challenges. Access to UMass Dartmouth faculty and staff, as well as the fully equipped research laboratories, are just some of the beneficial resources. Additionally, business and technical support are available from the UMass Dartmouth. The services include strategic and business planning, help with legal and intellectual property issues as needed, and connections to funding organizations.

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Current Companies

ARC1 Boston 3T Biotechnologies SeaVision Underwater Solutions
BTech Acoustics ‌  ‌ Pryog
 ‌Boston Engineering Imgen Biosciences WoundChek
‌‌ O'Neill Power Systems Xilectric‌  TrackServer Logo 2016‌‌ 

Allard Engineering Logo 2016 version



BCube Analytics Logo


Response Technologies Logo






Graduated Companies

OceanServer Technology Boston Open Labs‌  Clean Energy Innovation‌ 
Aquabotix 2016 ‌‌  Nuortho logo‌ 
Solectria Renewables (New Power Labs) International Compliance Systems‌  Masscal Corporation‌ 
Black Brook Design MicroMagnetics logo‌  Mikel 2016‌ 
‌ Micro-Ant 2016 AmbuPro EMS‌  PDI Technology‌ 
Ocean Renewable Power Company‌  Resolute Marine Energy‌  Seabotix 2016‌ 
Phosphorex 2016‌  Witness Systems‌  PTI Predictive Technology‌‌‌ 
Wavelet Technologies  Zycal 2016 ‌‌