Frequently-used forms for international students, scholars, and student interns

Affidavit of Support - Sample - use this form to provide information and documents concerning financial support from your sponsors.  

Declaration and Certification of Finances - Please be sure to complete and submit a Declaration of Finances when requesting a Program Extension.  See below.

F-1 job offer‌‌ - As part of applying for a Social Security Number, students with an F-1 visa must ask their potential on-campus employer to fill out this form 

F-1 job offer - off-campus - If your first employment experience is with Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT), you will need a completed F-1 Job Offer signed by your off-campus supervisor and the ISSC before you apply for a Social Security Number.

F-1 Transfer Out Form - F-1 International students transferring from UMD to another school must fill this form out.

Family Visit Support Letter  - Students or scholars whose parents or family would like to visit them in America need a letter of support for a visitor's (B) visa application. Please fill in your information and return to the International Student & Scholar Center so we may prepare a letter.

Graduation Visit Support Letter  - Students who are graduating commonly request this support letter for family members to use in applying for a visitor's (B) visa to enter the country. Please fill in your information and return to the International Student & Scholar Center so we may prepare a letter.

I-20 Instructions - the instructions that are printed with every student’s I-20 (new versions as of June 26th 2015.  This form explains the information on your I-20, when you are expected to show the form to officials, and other important procedures. 

J-1 Student Employment Authorization - J-1 students need permission to work on campus and must prepare this letter for approval by the ISSC before other Student Employment paperwork can be processed.

J-1 Student Soc. Security Letter‌ - J-1 students who have a signed J-1 student employment authorization letter and a hiring form for an on-campus job must also prepare this letter with the appropriate information where marked.

J-1 Health Insurance Requirements‌ - summarizes Department of State regulations for coverage for visitors in the U.S. on a J-1 visa. 

J-1 Health Insurance Compliance Form‌ - certifies that you, as a J-1 visa holder, are incompliance with the U.S. Department of State regulations on health insurance for J-1 visitors and provides details about your health insurance coverage.

Leave of Absence-return from & checklist‌ - submit this form to notify both the ISSC and the University Registrar's Office that you are resuming study after a leave of absence.

Pre-Arrival Checklist - Students, scholars, and student interns can review our comprehensive pre-arrival checklist to see that they have what they need prior to departure from their home countries.

Program Extension Request  - Students who are applying for program extension must use this form.  A Declaration of Finances form is also required - see above.

Reduced Course Load  - Students who need approval for a reduced course load should ask the academic advisor to complete this form; you should then bring it to the International Student & Scholar Center for review and approval.

Registry of Motor Vehicles Support Letter‌ - This letter can be used to apply for a U.S. driver's license if you are not eligible for a Social Security number.  Please use this letter if applying for a driver's license in Rhode Island, RMV letter for RI.





Updated 03/27/2018