Non-Degree Students

This page explains why some J-1 visa students are in the category of non-degree-seeking.

Many J-1 students are enrolled at UMass Dartmouth for a formally-approved program of study but will not receive a degree and diploma from UMass Dartmouth. 

  • Admission to the University for non-degree J-1 international students in formal exchange programs is processed through the International Programs Office (IPO)

    • The student submits the required information about current visa status and finances to the IPO.
    • The IPO sends to the International Student & Scholar Center (ISSC) a request for creation of an initial DS-2019 form.
    • The IPO mails the DS-2019 form to the student, who uses it to apply for a J-1 student visa at a U.S. consulate abroad (usually in the student’s home country.)
      • After arrival at the University, the International Programs Office (IPO) will help with:
        • Aspects of your program of study
        • Questions about the exchange agreements
        • Academic issues such as billing and financial matters
      • After arrival at the University, the the International Student & Scholar Center (ISSC) will help with:
        • General advice and assistance with campus life and personal concerns
        • Ongoing support for visas and other immigration forms
        • Other matters outside your academic program
  • Admission to the University is processed through the International Student & Scholar Center (ISSC) for non-degree J-1 students who enroll:

    • Through an outside agency (IIE/LASPAU)
    • Through a University department; for example, the summer programs in Portuguese  

The ISSC invites J-1 non-degree students to use us as an on-campus resource in addition to your IIE or LASPAU agency.

  • Academic advising for non-degree J-1 students:

    • Non-degree students receive academic advising from a faculty member




 Updated December 12, 2016