Scholar Appointment; Forms and Information

The following information gives an overview of the J-1 scholar appointment process and lists the information we need from you to issue the DS-2019 visa application form.  New scholars must use the DS-2019 to apply for a J-1 exchange-visitor visa.  Questions may be directed to the ISSC at

Read this first to see the steps involved:

The forms below are outlined on the Checklist, and completing them will help organize all the material to be submitted to our office:

    • To be completed by sponsoring department:

J-1 Scholar Data Form A - Department

To be completed by exchange visitor:

J-1 DS 2019 Data Form B - Exchange Visitor

    • To be completed by exchange visitor and dependents:

J-1 Scholar DS 2019 Data Form C - Dependent

The following three documents also must be completed and signed:

The document below gives more detailed information and background about the visiting scholar program and the appointment process

J-1 Scholar Overview of the purpose of the Exchange Program and how University procedures and Department of State requirements work together at UMass Dartmouth.