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UMass Dartmouth Smoke Free as of June 1, 2015


While the campus community has had many months to prepare for this new policy, new students who are smokers will have a more immediate culture shock.  Although at this time the University is encouraging voluntary compliance, in the near future, the policy will be enforced more stringently.  This means that in the early stages of this policy, UMassD Police officers will not be patrolling looking for offenders.  It does mean, however, that you should seriously consider how to stop smoking while you are on campus, including attending stop-smoking workshops offered by Health Services.

Why was this policy established?

One year ago a committee of faculty, staff, and students carefully studied national trends and campus feedback and recommended that UMass Dartmouth go smoke-free, tobacco-free, and electronic cigarette-free effective June 1, 2015. Everyone on campus can now study, socialize, and work in a smoke-free and healthy environment.

What does this policy mean?

Effective immediately, the use of smoking and tobacco products is prohibited

  • in any campus building
  • in any vehicle on campus
  • anywhere on the campus grounds, all 714 acres! 

What smoking and tobacco products, specifically?

  • cigarettes
  • cigars
  • illicit drugs, including marijuana, that are smoked
  • electronic cigarettes
  • chewing tobacco.

What changes will I see on campus?

  • The Campus Facilities staff will be removing ashtrays from all campus buildings (inside, outside, and affixed) and grounds, and the Public Affairs office will place signs saying that UMass Dartmouth is a smoke-free environment.

What will happen if I violate the policy? 

  • Violators will be subject to penalties under the Student Code of Conduct.  
  • Students who live in the residence halls and violate the policy will be reported by residence hall staff, who will document the incident and forward it to the student conduct process. 

Where can I go for help?

  • Health Services will continue to offer smoking cessation sessions for those who would like to utilize this service.
  • Visit Breathe Free UMassD for more information and support for our new vision for a smoke-free campus!
  • We recognize that smoking is an addiction.  The University has pledged to do all it can to offer help for smokers to meet this new policy.  You are responsible, however, for taking the first step towards getting the necessary support and advice to enable you to comply with these requirements.


For further information and resources, and for questions about health insurance coverage, please call or visit Health Services or BreatheFreeUMassD.

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