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Kaleigh Connors: Nursing and Spanish Major, Peru

My time abroad in Peru was the most wonderful, eye-opening five months I could've ever imagined, full of challenges and self-discovery. In a place that’s full of diversity: from the culture, to the cuisine and the history, it was easy to fall in love with this country and its people; I can’t wait to go back.

Albert Roberson: Political Science; Lisbon, Portugal

In the 30 that days I was in Lisbon, it was a worldly experience meeting new people, learning about a new culture and seeing new places. Meeting people from different countries and exchanging experiences made me all the more better. My advice to any one is to go abroad, don’t go just for the sake of education, go because the world is not one sided, the world is not one race. Go because the world is full of people that you want to know.

Jessica Holske: Art Education, Italy

The Italy/Sicily trip was a well-rounded experience of Italian culture. I learned a lot and would recommend this program to anyone! The family's hospitality made my study abroad experience comforting and a real eye opener into Italian culture. My study abroad trip was such a rewarding experience.

Kim Saunders: Nursing, Haiti

I applied for the opportunity to study abroad in Haiti in place of my community clinical which is NUR 331. My experience in Haiti really helped me with educating patients on their health concerns. People in Haiti are very friendly, everywhere you go people say bonju/bonjwa meaning hello/good morning. They really loved to see us there.

Michelle Carter: Illustration major; Sicily, Italy

Over the summer I went on the Sicily program led by Prof. Miraglia. For one whole month in June we travelled around Italy, visited different monuments and stayed with different people. Because I was an illustration major the program fit my academic goals because I got to see the work of many artists who were essentially like Renaissance illustrators for their time. So you get to look at that and be inspired. It’s really worth studying abroad, to be able to open your eyes and take a look at what’s around you and benefit from it.

Stacey Miner: Psychology & Sociology, Australia

This experience is one of the highlights of my life and I hope it is just the start of my experiences with traveling. This country is absolutely amazing and beautiful and I am anxious to travel around the world to explore other countries and learn about other cultures. I have made so many friends while here and feel like I belong in this country. So, as I leave, I am not saying "Goodbye" to Australia, rather, "See you later Australia!!" or "Hooroo!!" (as they say here!) because I will most definitely be back!!!

Jen Lopes: Criminal Justice, China

It’s a great feeling and a lifetime experience to study abroad. China being on my resume allows me to get extra points on lots of things in terms of jobs or if I apply for graduate school in the future. I would highly recommend that students during their college experience study abroad because you get an idea of what other parts of world have to offer you.


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