Make the most of your study abroad experience

Think about your academic goals while at UMD as well as your professional goals once you graduate. Below are a list of common goals past study abroad students had along with some recommedations of how to meet them.

  • Living and working in a different culture
    Consider a semester or full year program and look for a community service or internship element.

  • Furthering language skills
    (Intro or Intermediate) Consider a program with some language classes plus some content classes taught in English.
    (Advanced) Consider a program that offers all regular classes at a local university in the national language alongside local students.
    (Language Immersion) Consider a full-time, intensive language study program.

  • Gain hands-on experience with concepts taught at UMass Dartmouth  
    Consider a faculty-led intersession or summer program.

  • Learn about an unfamiliar culture or new topics
    Consider a short-term winter or summer program.

Talk to your Academic Advisor, and other faculty and staff about the best time period for you to study abroad, and other considerations unique to you.