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How to Get Involved: An Afternoon & Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall

Essay Contest

UMass Dartmouth, in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute, will select two (2) essay contest winners at the elementary, middle school, high school and college levels to have dinner with Dr. Jane Goodall on the evening of April 7, prior to her public talk on campus.

For UMass Dartmouth students interested in participating in the essay contest: Jane Goodall Essay Contest (PDF)

Green Fair

UMass Dartmouth will host 25 groups, organizations, or individuals to participate in an exhibit fair at the Claire T. Carney Library Living Room from 4-5pm on April 7. This afternoon will be programmed for youth and include a workshop and pizza dinner. 

Gombe & Beyond: An Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall

UMass Dartmouth will host Dr. Jane Goodall to speak at the Tripp Athletic Center at 7pm. Through the generosity of a donor, we will be able to provide bus transportation scholarships with accompanying tickets to regional school districts.


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