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Gombe & Beyond: And Afternoon & Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall

3–4 pm Student set up for Green Fair, Library Living Room
4–5:30 pm Green Fair, Library Living Room
5:00–5:30 pm Essay Winners: Dinner with Dr. Jane Goodall
5:30–6 pm Green Fair Participants: Pizza & video in the Stoico/FIRSTFED Grand Reading Room, Claire T. Carney Library
6:35–6:55 pm Eco Float Parade across the Campus Quad
7–8 pm Lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall, Tripp Athletic Center
8–9 pm Book Signing, Tripp Athletic Center

UMass Dartmouth Virtual Tour

Visit us virtually: There’s nothing like being on campus. But, for now, take a virtual tour of UMass Dartmouth.
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