Areas of concentration:

  • Creating internships for undergraduates in labor history and labor/community organizing
  • Building member engagement and workplace action in the public sector
  • Building labor community coalitions, with experience in transit justice, economic development, immigrant rights, and leadership development with women
  • Creating campaign development and direct action led by veteran anti-poverty community organizer
  • Using labor history and oral histories as a tool for organizing
  • Leading labor cultural projects, including worker photography, theater and labor history


On this website, you will find descriptions of the variety of ways that we work with undergraduate students, although our campus that does not offer labor studies courses.  Included is a description of an annual bus trip to NYC that we have cosponsored with the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality during Women’s History Month.  Last year, we participated in the Triangle Shirtwaist memorial service and enjoyed tours of the Tenement Museum. 

Also listed on this website is a list of trainings we can provide through our Labor Extension Program, which is one of the four University of Mass Labor Programs. 

We offer materials for membership engagement.  On this website, there are videos that the Labor Education Center created with the four unions on our campus.  Each video is from a campus union leader and is about two minutes long.  There is a longer video at the bottom of the page which is from a veteran faculty union leader explaining why faculty need unions.  Posters have also been designed using images from the videos and quotes from the interviews.  Other materials are included as well.