Annual Awards Banquet


 These are photos from our event in October of 2017 and were taken by former Labor Education Center Director, José Soler

 Congratulations to Tom Clarke, UFCW Vice-President for receiving the Robert Fontera award


Banquet Cathy

Thank you to Faculty Federation, AFT 1895 for giving the welcome

Director Lisa Jochim of The Workers' Education Program and two students joined the festivities 


Banquet Camilo

Banquet alliance 
We were honored to present the Dora Bastarache On-The-Line award
to the Seafood Workers Alliance

 The Dubin award was bestowed upon US Representative Bill Keating

‌Report Back from the 40th Anniversary Banquet‌

Over 220 Labor Education Center supporters joined together to celebrate 40 years of thriving and surviving. It was a special thrill to recognize the organizing leaders from Bob's Tire, now of UFCW 328. We were also inspired by the strength and resilience of the Steelworkers 1357 of ATI in New Bedford who have been locked out by the company. President of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, Steven Tolman earned the Dubin award this year and we deeply appreciate all the ways that he supports labor education, and his ability to liven up a labor dinner! 

Thanks to everyone for all of you support, it was a successful fundraiser, but most important, a time to come together and honor leaders and activists as we continue to learn together, fight together, and raise up new leaders. Please visit our Facebook page to see 26 pictures of the event that were taken by one of our Labor Education Center Interns, Leo Asseph. Another awardee, Representative Tony Cabral, had a video snippet that we were not able to see at the dinner, which outlines the impact of the Workers' Education Program. 

We want to especially thank the following supporters, Pal List: Donald Rei,Friend List: Bronwen Zwirner, Ironworkers 37, Plymouth Bristol Central Labor Council and
Activist List: NALC 18, Patricia Haddad, UAW CAP Council, MCC (Bristol Community College Council) 

 Our full list of banquet ad financial supporters includes, in no particular order: American Income Life, ATU International, ATU 174, ATU 1037, Bricklayers 3, Teamsters 59, Teamsters 251, Painters D.C. 35, Laborers 385, New England Carpenters, Greater SE Mass Labor Council, SE Mass Building Trades Council, UFCW 328, UFCW 1445, the labor programs at UMass Boston, Amherst and Lowell, UMD Faculty Federation, Steelworkers 1357,  AFT Massachusetts,  Community Economic Development Center, MassCOSH, WILD, AFL-CIO, Mass AFL-CIO, Lang, Xifaris, and Bullard, and the Dubin family.  Many, many other showed their support by buying tickets and all for participating in our event.  Thanks to you all.



Our primary award is:

The Arnold M. Dubin Memorial Award

Arnold M. Dubin shared his passion for social justice with everyone he encountered. As a leader of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union and as a leader of the Southeastern Massachusetts community he loved, he was an inspiration to union members and the labor movement as a whole. The Dubin MemorialAward bears witness to his spirited leadership, as it honors each year’s recipient.

Past Recipients of the Arnold M. Dubin Memorial Award

Bill Keating                    US representative

Daniel Wolf                    MA State Senator

Steve Tolman                President of the MA AFL-CIO

Patrick J. O’Neill            Executive Vice President and Director of Organizing, UFCW

Elizabeth Warren          US Senator, Massachusetts

Lawrence Hanley          President, Amalgamated Transit Union

Sandy Felder                 Field Division Director, Strategic Campaigns Dept., AFL-CIO

Tim Murray Lt.               Governor of Massachusetts

Martha Coakley             Massachusetts Attorney General

Scott W. Lang                Mayor of New Bedford

Therese Murray             Massachusetts Senate President

Edward M. Lambert, Jr. Mayor of Fall River

John J. Sweeney           President, AFL ·CIO

Stephen Lynch              US Congressman, Ninth District

Ed Clark                        UNITE Executive Vice President

Mark Montigny              State Senator

Marc Pacheco               State Senator

Joan Menard                 State Senator

William Delahunt           US Congressman

Kathleen Casavant       Secretary-Treasurer, Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Jim McGovern              US Congressman, Third District

Teresa Heinz                Chairperson, Heinz Family Philanthropies

Founders of the Labor Education Center

Joseph Faherty             President, Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Barney Frank                US Congressman, Fourth District

James S. Braude          Tax Equity AKiance for Massachusetts

Edward M. Kennedy      US Senator, Massachusetts

John Kerry                     US Senator, Massachusetts

Leo J. Purcell                 President, Massachusetts Building Trades Council, AFL-CIO

Robert J. Haynes           Secretary-Treasurer, Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Michael S. Dukakis        Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Arthur R. Osborn           President, Massachusetts AFL-CIO

George Ripley               Commissioner of Labor, Commonwealth of Massachusett

Dr. Radovsky                 Radovsky ILGWU Union Health Center

Donald Walker               President, Southeastern Massachusetts University

Diana Nunes                  New England Regional Joint Board, ACTWU

Nicholas Roussos          Manager, So. New England District Council, ILGWU

Gary Studds                   US Congressman, Tenth District