Staff, Steering Committee, and Advisory Board


UMass Dartmouth Labor Education Center Staff:

Kim Wilson, Director


Kim has been working in the labor movement for nearly thirty years, beginning as a cafeteria worker organizing a union, to becoming an organizer for graduate employees at UMass Amherst and at UMass Lowell.  She also worked several years as a union representative for health care workers for the Service Employees Union in Boston. She has an undergraduate degree from The Evergreen State College and a M.S. in Labor Studies from UMass Amherst.  Kim currently serves on the governing board of the Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) and before served on the boards of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice and the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH).Lisa and Kim

                      Lisa Jochim left with Kim Wilson

Lisa Jochim, Workers’ Education Project Director


Lisa is the Director of the Workers' Education Program (WEP).  The WEP offers free Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the workforce development system, and other grants and contracts.  These classes include English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Adult Secondary Education (ASE) which includes High School Equivalency Preparation classes.  Lisa first began working at the WEP in 1989 as a GED teacher.  Over the years, she has taught GED, Pre-GED, and ESOL in workplaces, union halls and at UMass Dartmouth's downtown New Bedford location.  The WEP is one of only three programs in the state’s 100 plus programs to maintain consistently high performance in all areas including Attendance, Average Attended Hours, Pre/Post Assessment Administration, Learner Gains, Student Goals, and Level Completion.‌

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Camilo Viveiros, Labor Educator


Camilo is long time labor and community organizer from a working class immigrant family in SE Mass. He is a first generation student who graduated from UMass Dartmouth and is passionate about connecting students to workplace and local community struggles. 

In his work he uses popular education and social movement strategy based on decades of organizing and involvement in social movements. He has over 20 years of experience in offering training for unions, and for student and grassroots groups. Camilo has expertise in offering training on movement leadership and campaign development, methods of expanding participation and base building, public narrative, power mapping and creative direct action.

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Jim Snow, Consultant for Special Projects

Jim has dedicated his life's work to building the labor movement and justice for workers.  He is the retired Regional Director, AFL-CIO Northeastern Region.  Jim offers consulting and advisement to the Labor Education Center two days a month.   Current projects include helping with outreach to unions to build our advisory board and assistance on issues related to the building trades.  Jim is also a key member of the Union Committee to Support the Workers’ Education Program as we work to be a bridge to union apprenticeship programs and students of the Workers' Education Program.

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Ida Almeida, Administrative Assistant

Ida has served UMass Dartmouth in many capacities.  In retirement, she has joined the staff of the Labor Education Center for 10 hours a week.  Her invaluable assistance is enhanced by her knowledge of university processes, commitment to the community and support for workers in SE Mass.

We are grateful for the help of student workers who support our office and outreach work.  Over the past year, we thank Leo Asseph, Jessica Medina and Sreerag Marar.

Teachers and Support Staff at Workers’ Education Program

  • Paula Barry
  • Donald France
  • Carrie Irujo
  • Carla Melo
  • Roberta Miller
  • Joanne Pinsonneault
  • Susan Potter-Alves
  • Matthew Ryckebusch
  • Zeniah Sinclair
  • Donna Teixera
  • John of the Trinity
  • Georgette Biscari

Steering Committee

This committee meets monthly and all members of the Steering Committee
are also members of the Advisory Board.

Chair, Cynthia Rodrigues, Past President, Greater SE Mass Labor Council

Gary Pires, President ATU 1037

Eric Carvalho, President ATU 174

Tim Melia, President of UFCW 328

Brian Pastori, Deputy Director of the Community Economic Development Center

Peter Knowlton, General President of the United Electrical Workers union

Jerry Fishbein, Vice President SEIU 1199, United Healthcare Workers East

Adrian Ventura, Executive Director, Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores

Ricardo Rosa, Department of Educational Leadership, UMass Dartmouth

Eric Larson, Department of Crime and Justice Studies, UMass Dartmouth

Lisa Maya Knauer, Department of Sociology, UMass Dartmouth

Jim Snow, Retired Regional Director, AFL-CIO Northeast Region

Jim Pimental, Organizer, Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen Local 3

Lisa Lemieux, President, Greater SE Mass Labor Council

Advisory Board

This board meets twice a year.

Colleen Avedikian, Bristol Community College professor

George F. Belanger, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 59 IBT

Anthonio Cabral, State Representative

Joanie Parker, Director, WILD

Lee Charlton, President-Retired, New Bedford NAACP

Rebecca Cusick, President, Fall River Educators Association

Lily Huang, Co-Director, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice

Jennifer DeBarros, UMass Dartmouth Graduate Student

Wilfred Desnoyer, Jr., President, UAW Mass CAP Council

Richard Drolet, Leader, NALC Whaling City Branch 18

Tolle Graham, Labor Educator, MassCOSH

Heiny Maldonado, Director, Fuerza Laboral

David Rolando Oliva, Director, Fundacion Romero

Drae Perkins, Community Activist

Jim Pinkham, President, Bristol Plymouth Labor Council

Deborah Fastino, Organizer, Coalition for Social Justice

Ron Rheaume, Business Manager, Carpenters Local 1305

Frank J. Runey, Secretary Treasurer, UFCW 791

Louis St. John, President, New Bedford Education Association

Steven Tolman, President, Mass. AFL-CIO

Ron Weisberger, Strategic Action Coordinator, BCC, MCCC

Corinn Williams, Community Economic Development Center

Mardee Xifaras, Attorney