Elce Redmond, speaks at the Greater Southeastern Mass Labor Council in New Bedford, MA.

He is the Campaign Organizer for the Nabisco 600, BCTGM: The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union 


Here is Evelyn Moniz

veteran garment worker, shares the prayer she used to open the Labor Council meeting, in her position as Labor Council Chaplin. This video was taken at the last labor center banquet.


Camilo Viveiros, Labor Extension Specialist

Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education UMass Dartmouth presents the Dora Bastarache On the Line Award to United Steelworkers 1357 for their fight and victory after a long lock out 

Cindy Rodrigues, President, Greater Southeaster Mass Labor Council

Remarks and presents the President’s award to Don Rei, United Steelworkers 1357 


Jen Riley, Dean of Arts and Sciences, UMass Dartmouth

welcomes all to the banquet on behalf on UMass Dartmouth 

Susan Toni Krumholz, JD., PhD., President, UMass Faculty Federation, Local 1895

presents the Richard M. Fontera Memorial Award to Jeremy Waxler on behalf of Dr. Robert Waxler 

Welcome by MC Lisa Lemieux, SEIU1199 


Opening remarks, Part 1, Kim Wilson, Director, Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center 

Opening remarks, Part 2, Kim Wilson, Director, Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center 

Corinn Williams, Executive Director of the Community Economic Development Center

on how the Labor Education Center has changed over time. 

Camilo Viveiros, of Activism2Organizing

shares his thoughts on the Labor Education Center. 

State Rep. Tony Cabral

a longtime supporter and upcoming Dubin awardee, talks about the Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center. 

Cynthia Rodrigues, President of Greater South Eastern Mass Labor Council

on the impact of the Labor Education Center on the community 

Lisa Lemieux SEIU United Healthcare Workers 

We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of UMass Dartmouth Philosophy Professor Phil Cox

a long time supporter of the Arnold M. Dubin Labor Center. In the video from 2014, Professor Cox shares stories about his involvement and the importance of providing relevant courses and opportunities to connect students to community. Professor Cox was a vibrant and passionate instructor who introduced thousands of students to social thought that asked basic but radical questions about society and nurtured critical thought. 

A Documentary about the A.T.U. in New Bedford and the work they do. 

Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center

makes a difference on our campus and in our communities. 

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