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Latino/a American Law Students Association (LALSA) is a student run organization composed of students interested in issues affecting ‌the Latino community. Our goal is to provide support and guidance to non-traditional law students, from law school admissions to life after graduation. We aim to support diversity in the legal profession and justice for all communities.

UMass Law-LALSA is also committed to increasing a dialogue about the understanding of the issues that Latinos face in and out of the law. Our program includes speakers, service projects, networking opportunities, salsa with LALSA events, fundraisers and charities.  

In addition, LALSA hosts an annual Impacto Award Ceremony, and presents an award to an individual who has achieved positive and meaningful contributions to the Latino/a community and legal profession. This year, UMass Law-LALSA is honoring United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz, for her impact and contributions to society.

UMass Law-LALSA Executive Board

Yesenia Ravelo

Vice President
Beyanid Cole

Dominic Lafayette

Amy Marques

Faculty Advisor
Prof. Jeremiah Ho