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Parents Attending Law School (PALS) was founded in 2013 to provide students with an organization specifically focused on non-traditional students. The organization gives students with parental responsibilities outside of law school the opportunity to connect with one another and attend social events. 

PALS purposes:

  • to serve as a forum for members centered on topics that are prominent in the area of non-traditional graduate students 
  • to help members increase their awareness of efficient law practice/legal career options for families and develop skills necessary for growth and success while meeting all other familial obligations 
  • to form a group of members interested in promoting and exploring the areas related to causing stress that are unique to non-traditional students 
  • to create a basic networking opportunity to rely on with co-peers during school and after graduation

PALS events include:

  • Ice Skating Night
  • Charity Youth Clothing Drive
  • Day at the Zoo Event
  • Festival of Lights Event
  • Hiking Excursions
  • Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Visits
  • Charity Holiday Card Writing Event

Additionally, PALS has hosted speakers for a panel on "Being Successful as a Parent and Lawyer" and has brought in specialists to provide "Special Education Law Training."

Membership in PALS is open to all students enrolled at UMass Law.

PALS 2016-2017 Executive Board

Felicia Carboni

Vice President
Caitlin Magnan 

Angela Tieng

Melissa Dumoulin