The mission of the Trends and Issues in Immigration Law Conference was to provide a forum for discussion and debate on the highly controversial issue of immigration in the United States. The purpose of the conference was to inspire new perspectives on immigrant advocacy and immigration reform, and to provide information about recent developments in immigration law.

This year, the conference featured discussions, presentations, and debates on:

  • The Dream Act
  • ICE and the Secure Communities Program
  • Human Trafficking
  • The Role of Immigrants in Business
  • Perspectives on Immigration Advocacy
  • Recent Developments in Immigration Law


Modern Immigration Law Trends - Attorney Fred Watt, Immigration Attorney at Watt & Doyle, Attorney Kerry Doyle, Immigration Lawyer at Graves & Doyle, Professor Irene Scharf, Law Professor and Director of Immigration Law Clinic at UMass School of Law

Human Trafficking - State Senator Mark C. Montigny, Second District (D)

A Primer on Immigration Law - Gerald C. Rovner, Chair of Mass Bar Section on Immigration

States' Rights and Immigrant Enforcement -Dan Stein, President of FAIR: Federation for American Immigration Reform

Immigration Reforms in the US and Massachusetts and the Work of Immigrant Advocacy Organizations - Eva Millona, Executive Director, MIRA Coalition

Immigration Enforcement: Pros and Cons of Local Police Involvement - Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, Attorney Rachel M. Self, Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorney at Rachel M. Self, P.C., Dan Stein, President of FAIR: Federation for American Immigration Reform, Wendy S. Wayne, Director, Committee for Public Counsel Services, Immigration Impact Unit

Immigrant Entrepreneurship - Dr. Marcia Drew Hohn, Director of Public Education Institute of the Immigrant Learning Center

Theory and Practice of Illegality - Aviva Chomsky, Distinguished author, professor of history, coordinator of Latin American Studies at Salem State University

Immigration Law Enforcement in Bristol County - Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Bristol County Sheriff’s Office