On April 6, 2017, the UMass Law Review hosted The Immigration Symposium: Beyond the Wall on topics including immigration, sanctuary cities, and the recent travel ban.


Opening Remarks - Dee Dequattro/Ethan Dazelle

Alumni Panel - Atty. Rita Resende, Atty. Steve Brown, Atty. Vak Ribero

Sanctuary City Panel - Sheriff Tom Hodgson, Mayor Joseph Curtatone of Somerville, Councilwoman Emily Norton of Newton, Federal Policy Director Sarand Sekhavat, Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Coalition 

Refugee/Travel Ban Panel - Professor Joseph Roberts of Roger Williams University, Atty. Subhan Tariq, Atty. Dierdre Giblin

Keynote Speaker - Former Congressman Barney Frank

Closing Remarks - UMass Law Review staff