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The Leduc Center is focused on providing students with engagement opportunities that build the entire individual. To that end, we work hard to connect students with community organizations, events, and work opportunities that connect learning to service. 

Academic Opportunities

Aside from service opportunities, the Leduc Center also strives to provide students with the academic knowledge applied in their service opportunities. Students may choose to complete the Leadership and Civic Engagement Minor as a complement to their major. To enhance their education, students may also take courses with service-learning components which enrich their learning through real-life application.

Award Opportunities

The Leduc Center offers opportunites for students to be recorgnized for their civic engagement and service with various awards.

Employment Opportunities

The Leduc Center also coordinates various programs that hire students. These service programs depend on university students interested in serving the surrounding communities. 

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a wide variety of service opportunities for students to get involved, both on and off campus. Whether you have 1 hour, 1 day, or all semester, we have something that will fit your interests and needs.