Fall 2019

Subject CodeCatalog NumberSectionClass NumberTitleClass TopicInstructor Name
AED41019429Curriculum Design Oliver, Kristi
AED47019445Special Topics in Art EducationCommunity Based Practice in Art EdMiraglia, Kathy
AED47029446Special Topics in Art EducationPracticum PrepNeelly, Linda
AED47029446Special Topics in Art EducationPracticum PrepOliver, Kristi
AGH30119476Adulthood & Aging Revell, Andrew
ARH34919031Architecture & Sustainability Karimi, Pamela
ARH41118917Art & Engagement: Internship Dempsey, Anna
AXD224114043Drawing: Architecture, Spatial Systems and Design Peteva, Elena
AXD29819565Experience ProgramKimballBotti-Salitsky, Rose Mary
AXD29829881Experience ProgramStudio AssistantLawton, James
AXD29839884Experience ProgramDRL Architects Inc.Botti-Salitsky, Rose Mary
AXD29849886Experience ProgramZeiterion InternshipBowers, Michelle
AXD300213994Topics in Art + DesignBranding Identity & Public DesignPoor-Donahue, Alison
AXD300389498Topics in Art + DesignPackage DesignPoor-Donahue, Alison
AXD300429499Topics in Art + DesignGraphic Design Pre-ThesisPoor-Donahue, Alison
AXD35619649Installation and Public Sculpt Lintala, Eric
AXD45119660Comunity Engagement Design Bowers, Michelle
AXD45129661Comunity Engagement Design Msangi, Ziddi
BIO41517971Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Kavanagh, Kathryn
CEN49118757Civil Engineering Project MacDonald, Daniel
CIS49818237Senior Software Engineering Project I Valova, Iren
CJS34519346Environments of Justice Turcotte, Heather
CJS350111749Read Crime & Justice StudiesShaping the Citizen: Kids and the StateKrafft, Erin
CJS45019035Internship Arford, Tammi
CJS45028729Internship Arford, Tammi
DSC49819536Data Science Capstone Project I Field, Scott
ECE45718202Design Project I Fortier, Paul
ECO44119982Public Economics I Lynch, Devon
EGR49718175Bioengineering Capstone Design I Fan, Qinguo
EGR4972H8176Bioengineering Capstone Design I Fan, Qinguo
ENL200258378Studies in Literature Peters, Morgan
ENL200269012Studies in Literature Peters, Morgan
ENL26218388Introduction to Journalism Amaral, Caitlin O'Neil
ENL35918412Tutoring Writing Buck, Elisabeth
ENL38018415Magazine Writing Arrigo, Anthony
ENL3971B9641Internship Amaral, Caitlin O'Neil
HST20118530Critical Skills for History Major Rioux, Paula
HST20128531Critical Skills for History Major Rioux, Paula
LAR4011B7740Seminar Multidisciplinary Studies Jackim, Oksana
LCE20018848Intro Leadership & Civic Engagement McGillicuddy, Kristin
LCE40018849Leadership & Civic Engagement Practicum Roy, Matthew
MAR11018843Natural Hazards & the Ocean Brown, Wendell
MGT20137685Leadership, Teamwork, Collaboration Einstein, Jacqueline
MGT20177689Leadership, Teamwork, Collaboration Einstein, Jacqueline
MGT33117696Project Team Management Kush, Jonathan
MGT33127697Project Team Management Kush, Jonathan
MGT40117702App Organization & Career Development Einstein, Jacqueline
MGT49229760Special Topics in ManagementApp Prof Comm & Bus ResearchEinstein, Jacqueline
MKT31117713Principles of Marketing White, D. Steven
MKT44117721Marketing Management White, D. Steven
MKT44217722Marketing Research Barnes, Nora
MNE49718449ME Design Project I Ferdous, Sheikh
MNE4972H9029ME Design Project IHonorsFerdous, Sheikh
MTH44019015Math & Comp ConsultingResearch in Computer MathHeryudono, Alfa
MUS15517779Chorus Zhou, Tianxu
MUS16417790Small Vocal Ensemble Zhou, Tianxu
MUS31617831Teaching Children Music N-9 Neelly, Linda
MUS34017832Principles of Conducting Sherwin, Ronald
MUS35517865Chorus Zhou, Tianxu
MUS36417874Small Vocal Ensemble Zhou, Tianxu
MUS41417875Practicum in Music Education Neelly, Linda
NUR32628267Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Illness Medeiros, Kiley
NUR33018269Community Nursing  
NUR33118270Exp Learning: Community Nursing  
NUR34118274Exp Learning: Psych Mental Health Nursing  
POM34517669Operations Management Sadeghzadeh, Keivan
POM34527670Operations Management Sadeghzadeh, Keivan
POM34537671Operations Management Braha, Dan
POM34547672Operations Management Braha, Dan
POM41517673Applied Decision Techniques Rai, Bharatendra
POM44517674Managing Quality Sadeghzadeh, Keivan
POM44617675Process Management Plummer, Brian
POR39918013Internship Borim, Jr., Dario
POR39928014Internship Klobucka, Anna
POR39938015Internship Larkosh, Christopher
PSC30518547Political Science Internship Plaw, Avery
PSC305210292Political Science Internship Plaw, Avery
PSC312110293Massachusetts Politics Jenkins, Shannon
PSC385112109Politics Global Climate Change Darst, Robert
PSY30118570Adulthood & Aging Revell, Andrew
PSY40718578Counseling II Masse, Joshua
PSY40728579Counseling II Masse, Joshua
PSY40739008Counseling II  
SOA31638508Research Methods Klimt, Andrea
SOA370110011Photography & Visual Culture Klimt, Andrea
SOA45018509Internship Kulick, Rachel
SPA306111715Medical Spanish Benavides, Carlos
SUS20219025Topics in SustainabilitySustainable FoodSilva, Lydia