In the spring of 2013, the College Positive Tours program was started to encourage students to graduate high school and take full advantage of the benefits college has to offer. The goal was to make the idea of attending college more tangible and, therefore, making it more of a reality.

In collaboration with local high schools, high school freshmen are brought to campus for a student-oriented tour that provides them with a preview of the life of a college students, including visits to the dormitories, the Resident Dining Hall, the Campus Center, and classrooms. Over 1,200 freshman students have attended these tours and learned about the possibility of a college education from the student tour guides. The members of the UMass Dartmouth College Positive Corps lead these tours and share their own stories about their paths to college helping to build a peer-to-peer connection with the high school students.


Any undergraduate or graduate student who is outgoing and interested in sharing their college-going story with a group of high school freshmen.


A tour guide must be available for the tour and attend the scheduled training sessions.

How to Apply

If you are interested in serving as a College Positive tour guide, please contact us.