The Leduc Center works closely with surrounding communities to meet the learning goals and civic engagement outcomes of the University’s educational mission. The Leduc Center partners with community non-profits; public, private, and charter schools; local businesses; and local government agencies to provide civic engagement opportunities each year that are suited to the varying interests of students, faculty, and staff.

The mission of the Leduc Center is to enrich the lives of our community, both on campus and locally, as well as provide UMass Dartmouth students with a superior education experience. Community organizations are fundamental to the fulfillment of our mission.

The relationships the Leduc Center forges with community organizations are mutually beneficial, reinforcing students’ education experience through community service while addressing social challenges and issues within the community. Their academic and personal development is key to the reason they are involved in a community organization.

In partnering with the Leduc Center, community organizations benefit from the Leduc Center’s access to the University’s intellectual and human capital resources. We are able  to connect organizations to students for volunteer opportunities, internships, or student jobs, and faculty for community-based research or service-learning opportunities.