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Welcome to the the Leduc Center Art Ambassador page! Below are all of the art exhibits found on campus at UMass Dartmouth, as well as brief desriptions about what they are!

Paul Rudolph’s Brutalism Architecture Style

When Paul Rudolph designed the school, he made the roofs of the buildings flat because he thought towards the future that students would be driving hover crafts to school and they would need a place to land and park their cars. Located campus wide. Rudolph's type of architecture was inspired by European Modernism.










The Spinwinder

Located at the entrance of the UMD campus, it was created by Nancy Holt to provide an aesthetic link between the University and its past as two textile schools in New Bedford and Fall River. It was commissioned in 1985 for $81,000.   




Gerry’s Window

Designed by Ron Rudnicki and located at the main entrance of the CVPA building. The point in the artist’s point of view is to look through and beyond, and is ‘based on nature, and human nature all encompassing.'








King David’s Gate

Located between the Claire T. Carney Library and the Charleton College of Business buildings. It was created by Murray Dewart, and described as a rigid, yet simultaneously fluid piece of art.





The Fabric of Nature and Industry

Created by Marino Meidel and Joel Heidel in 2015, located outside the campus center building and can be seen from almost every building on campus. The actual interpretation of the mural can be left to the viewer and this piece is a part of the Living Gallery Project, which strives to leverage the unique visual narrative established by its original architect, Paul Rudolph, while writing the next chapter of the UMD campus. 


Oferta da Secretaria de Estado Das Comunidades Portuguesas

Created in 1997, these tin-glazed ceramic tiles were arranged into this mural design. It is often referred to as polished stone.



Peace Pole

Planted in 2016 and located outside the Campus Center entrance. The Peace Pole at UMass Dartmouth displays the message and prayer “may peace prevail on earth” in eight different languages. It serves as a constant reminder to pray for those around the world.





Designed by Professor Stacy Latt Savage in 2016, this piece was made in celebration of the Town of Dartmouth’s 350th birthday and UMass Dartmouth’s 50th birthday. It was inspired by the roller coaster that used to be at Lincoln Park called the Coaster Comet, and the Round Hill Randome.




 Untitled Tapestry

Created in 2005 by Miyuki Akai and located in the Claire T. Carney Library.





The Onset

This stainless steel sculpture was created by David Kibbey in 1972. It is installed on the lawn of the Charlton College of Business in 2015 as part of the Living Gallery Project. This piece was donated by the Stone Family Foundation which, based in the UK, works with organizations who provide education to girls and women in developing countries. They also work with organizations who provide volunteer hospice care and bereavement counselors.  


John Thornton’s The Four Seasons

This series was made in 1965, all made with oil on canvas. Titled Spring (top left), Fall (top right), Summer (bottom left), Winter (bottom right). Thornton is a well-known artist from New Bedford, and is known for abstract art, a style which engages the viewer to think about the message behind the painting. The collection is set nicely in the Claire T. Carney Library; a location where critical thinking is used profoundly.