A Baffling Blot On Yale

Title A Baffling Blot On Yale
Author(s) Langdon, Philip
Publication Name Hartford Courant
Edition Statewide
Pages 4
Year of Publication 2008
Date Published September 14
URL http://www.courant.com/news/opinion/commentary/hc-plclangdon.artsep14,0,4604097.story
Keywords Rudolph, University, Associates, Gwathmey, New, Haven, 1958-1964, 1918-1997, Siegel, and, Marvin, Architecture, Paul, Art, CT, Building, Yale
Language eng
Abstract The author of this article gives a withering critique of the Gwathmey Siegel & Associates addition to the Art and Architecture Building. "Gwathmey's Jeffrey Loria Center for the History of Art is the first outright aesthetic failure in Yale's multiyear, multibillion-dollar construction program a program that until now had produced buildings ranging from acceptable to superb."