On one of his earliest memories of architecture

"Paul Rudolph was about six. Like Frank Lloyd Wright’s, his father was a preacher- Southern Methodist, and forever on the move from one parish to another. A new church building was in the offing at the time, and he grew up with memories of the architectural drawings which had been scattered about:
'I never really gave up the idea of becoming an architect after that. There are two things I remember being fantastically impressed with. First of all, the weekly revivals. And then the first modern structure I saw - Wright’s Rosenbaum House in Florence, Alabama. I can remember taking my parents and making them drive me to see that house- the carport, those low ceilings, the clerestory light coming in overhead, the sequence of space. In fact, to this day, I remember that house as the most vivid structure I have ever seen.'"
Marlin, William. "Paul Rudolph: Drawings." Architectural Forum 138 (June 1973): 46-47.