On the Revere Development, Sarasota, Florida


“Much worthy effort has been spent in finding better relationships between residential areas of all varieties and the town as a whole. However, it seems to us that the detached house, so popular in America and receiving so much attention as an individual unit, has for the most part simply been lined up on each side of the planners’ or speculative builders’ beautifully located cul-de-sac and that is the end of it. When the houses themselves are identical the results are particularly disastrous. Relationships between one house and its neighbor and devices to relieve the monotony of too much repetition and still keep within economic bounds are a real and urgent architectural problem and to us an exciting one…

The one tool which is the architect’s special weapon, the handling of inner and outer space, has seldom been applied to this problem. Our proposals are fundamentally concerned here with the relationships between the house and its private outdoor living and work spaces. Finally and possibly most important it is a search for means to create a coordinated whole out of the repetition of basically similar elements without creating monotony.”

Rudolph, Paul Marvin, 1918-1997. "Revere House Grouping." Architectural Forum 89 (December 1948): 28.