Sir Norman Foster on Paul Rudolph


"Many of these drawings, especially the perspective sections, would encapsulate in a single image the range of Rudolph’s concerns as an architect. There was his quest to define and model space with light and planar surfaces – his interest in climate and the relationship between structure and services – his explorations into modularity and the potential of prefabrication – a later interest in high-density urban megastructures.

These concerns have been shared by many architects in the past and that will continue, but Rudolph developed a very personal language out of such issues as well as the diversity of building materials that he also explored during his career. I remember that Rudolph made constant reference to the work of other architects to illustrate an issue of form or a point of theory. But his own work was never obviously derivative, however strong his points of reference or historical awareness."
Gray, Susan. Architects on Architects. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2001