Callahan Residence, Birmingham, AL, 1965 Project Not Built


Rudolph called this house "a living room on a platform."

"Paul Rudolph's Elaborated Spaces: Six New Projects." Architectural Record 139 (June 1966): 143


"A final southern residential project (unbuilt) for the Callahans of Birmingham, Alabama became an even freer interpretation of Corb [Le Corbusier] combined with Rudolph's Florida trailer-module ideas. Again sitting on a podium, it juts out from a steeply sloping site. The interior spaces were expressed separately rather than as one mass. Arranged at the edges for sun and view control, its perimeter was similar to those of the Milam and earlier Bostwick residence."

Howey, John. The Sarasota School of Architecture: 1941-1966. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1997.