Daisley Residence, Ocean Ridge, Palm Beach, FL, 1960


"The community of Ocean Ridge was laid out with restrictive covenants that required pitched roofs on all construction. As with the Liggett House, the public face was underemphasized in comparison to the rear elevation, which is left completely open to the view down the canal. A series of interconnected shed roofs is arranged in response to the development restrictions, but is resolved with an abstracted vocabulary of forms. No regular structural bay is apparent in this house, only a series of view-directing devices that relate to the scale of the programmatic volumes. All of the major walls are organized along the view axis. This irregular cluster arrangement of triangulated sheds has very little precedent in Rudolph’s work to date and signals a distinct departure from the familiar articulated rectangular volume with regularized structural systems implemented in the majority of Rudolph’s previous projects."
Domin, Christopher, and Joseph King. Paul Rudolph:The Florida Houses. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002. p. 209.