Deane Residence, Great Neck, NY, 1970

"The basic building element is a wood frame, cut and bolted into a seven-sided figure with rigid side walls set back from the edges of the frame. The enclosure that these elements create is double-cantilevered from heavy wood posts built up of 2 by 12 inch members. The more heavily-textured surface used extensively both inside and out, is plywood with lath and a cementitious binder applied. Into this binder, while still wet, pebbles were set by trowel. The two materials are played against each other with virtuosity to create a planar/linear composition of unusual force. Like the Burrroughs-Wellcome Headquarters to which it bears a kinship both in forms and materials - and which was designed at about the same time - this house explores a rich variety of diagonal relationships. In, up, around and through, the space flows easily and almost without interruption." "Paul Rudolph's Dramatic Design for a Site Facing Long Island Sound." Architectural Record 159 (Mid-May 1976): 68.