Fletcher Residence, Venice, FL, 1956


"This house is sited in a residential are of Venice, not far from the Siegrist project that Rudolph completed with Twitchell in 1948. The Fletchers were presented a house design that contained several direct formal and visual references to traditional Southern architecture, which was certainly an anomaly in Rudolph’s work to date. With its low-pitched roof, sheltering eaves and quatrefoil columns, this house seemed from the exterior to be nothing more than a derivative visual nod to the vernacular. But, when considered in section, this project became a radical play in opposites. The interior was arranged around a central living area with the master bedroom suspended loftlike above the space. Skylights placed at the perimeter of the second story allowed light to wash into the house from all sides. This house was designed concurrently with the Mary Cooper Jewett Arts Center at Wellesley College, obviously with a similar goal in mind: to enhance and build upon the existing context while still creating a valid twentieth-century building."
Domin, Christopher, and Joseph King. Paul Rudolph:The Florida Houses. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002. p. 186.