Green Residence, Cherry Ridge, PA, 1968

"Originally the Green residence was intended to be composed of fold-out modules, factory-assembled except for wiring, utilities, and finishes. Although Rudolph initially had obtained a commitment from an industrialized building manufacturer to work on this lone experiment, delays in construction eventually caused the manufacturer to turn to other jobs. Nevertheless the client and the architect both decide to stay with the concept, even if it meant a stick-built house constructed on site with a local contractor." "Despite the specific nature of the solution as it was built, it still acts as a laboratory for Rudolph’s ideas on industrialized building-as well as being a stunning piece of architecture. Here continuing notions that Rudolph has been refining are being examined for their spatial effect, functional performance, as well as technical proficiency." Stephens, Suzanne. "Standing by the Twentieth Century Brick." Progressive Architecture 55 (October 1974): 78, 81.