Group 2 Building, SMTI / University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA, 1966-1969


Now known as Science and Engineering / SENG; Construction began June 1966 Completed April 1969; Architects: Desmond and Lord, Inc. and Paul Rudolph; Job Captain: Grattan Gill and Jan Heespelink; Structural Engineer: Congdon, Gurney and Towle, Inc.; Plumbing Engineer: Robert W. Sullivan, Inc.; Heating Engineer: Francis Associates; Electrical Engineer, McCarron and Hufnagle; General Contractor: Franchi Construction Co.
Group 2 is the largest building on campus. Its opening brought nearly all of the faculty, programs and functions to the North Dartmouth site. Group 2 also contained a sizeable cafeteria during its early years which was located in the basement. The large lecture halls between this building and the library were part of the Group 2 contract.