Haskins Residence, Sarasota, FL, 1951-1952 (with Ralph Twitchell)


"Here is an ideal house for anyone planning to retire from business and live year-round in a warm climate. This small house provides every imaginable comfort yet frees you from burdensome housework. A long sweeping roof, which rests on cypress columns, shelters the rooms and porches. With this kind of construction, you can place walls to suit your taste. If you want your rooms to be intimate, the walls can be average height. If you like the feeling of light and airiness, you can (1) leave space between interior walls and ceiling, (2) use glass between the top of end walls and the roof. In this house, exterior glass walls insure sunlight reaching all the corners to combat mildew. A partially-enclosed loggia and a screened porch double the living space without adding to cost or upkeep. A shaded spot out-of-doors allow you to sit back in deck chairs and breathe the fresh air. If you like the contrasting tones of wood and brick, use building materials that lead your eye easily from one texture to another. Instead of masking the framework of the house, let it be part of your decoration. In this house, lime-block walls, cypress beam, pine ceilings, and terrazzo floors provide great variety and require little maintenance."
"This House Has an Easy Retirement Plan." House and Garden 102 (August 1952): 44.