Lamolithic/Lambie Development, Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL, 1948 (with Ralph Twitchell)

"The Lamolithic house varies considerably from the increasingly familiar pattern of quick-poured concrete houses with which many similar-minded inventors are seeking to ease the U.S. housing pinch. Lamolithic is better than most of them, not only in design of the metal forms but by measure of theoretical construction advances. In the Lamolithic method, the aim is more than to meet old structural standards with a new, faster, cheaper method of modular form work, which is the extent of the ambition of many other new concrete house-builders. Lamolithic goes further, to push some of the inherent properties of concrete construction to their logical fruition." "Four Concrete Beach Houses Provide Hallmarks of Luxury on a Small Scale." Architecture Forum 89 (October 1948): 106-111.