Maehlman Guest House, Naples, FL, 1951-1952 (with Ralph Twitchell)


"Planned for only two transients at a time, it needed to include only a place to lounge and sleep, a carport, storage, and a gesture of protection against the elements. There were no magnetic beaches or bayous to glamourize its location. The house, as a result of its minimum program, is honest skin and bones, hung together with almost primitive directness; yet it manages to be an eminently civilized oasis for any nomad on a holiday. A lean timber cage sets its form, structurally and spacially. The living area, which is the house proper, includes a sleeping area, bath and dressing room, and small kitchen. Some distance away, free standing, is a mechanical core containing a pump house and storage room. Roof beams span the space between them, creating a carport and, where the roofing is cut away as if this were a diagrammatic sketch, bridging an open tract of ground."
Fiske, Jane. "In Defense of Hosts: A Friendly Design Conspiracy." Interiors 112 (September 1952): 80-85.