Milam Residence, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, FL, 1959-1961

"In the Milam beach house, essentially a series of platforms, the floor plane drops to form an extended conversation pit in the living area, rises to create a platform for dining, and four risers higher becomes and inglenook defined by a low parapet. The second floor plane is continuous as a floor but is interrupted to permit more than half of the living space below to extend to the roof. A mezzanine overlooking the living-dining area adds a pleasant spatial complication as does the dropped roof deck which creates a lowered ceiling over the inglenook to make a cozy group around the fire even cozier." According to Rudolph, in this house one locates oneself according to mood. 'The inglenook offers a nest, the two story portion of the living-dining space provides a goldfish bowl, and the far end of the living area is a cave.' Rudolph states that 'modules are not necessarily applicable to houses...the modular building concept is applied many times where it doesn’t have much meaning.'" "Four Current Projects by Paul Rudolph." Architectural Record 129 (March 1961): 140.