Miller Guest House, Casey Key, Sarasota, FL, 1949 (with Ralph Twitchell)


"Not much more complicated, nor expensive, than a cracker box resting on short piers in the sand, with one side knocked out and cantilevered over the water, this vacation cabin offers all the requisites for roughing it luxuriously on the shore. The 30’4” x 16’18” structure is vertical siding outside, Weldtex plywood inside, with beams and front studs exposed. A plank walk leads from a sand lot at the back to the porch and front door, but there is a service door back at the side. The interior is divided roughly into thirds. At the front the partition is a wall of wood-framed glass panels that folds back accordion fashion to unite the roofed, 16’18” x 7’4” porch with the living room in fine weather, the boundary then being marked only by the end of the soft, natural rug. At the back a fireplace extends out into built-in bookcases at the left and into a dining table at the right. Behind it are a bamboo-screened kitchen, a bathroom, and walk-in store-room. The couches are foam rubber over wood frames."
"The Year's Work [1949-1950]." Interiors 110 (August 1950): 74.